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An ice sauna is not really a sauna at all.  It's a cold room that offers temperatures as cold as -10 degrees F.

Extreme cold can offer health benefits just like traditional saunas.

This cold sauna has been called the "Snow Room" and could find its way into luxury hotels as a standard spa offering.

It's produced by a company that has developed traditional saunas.  Imagine sitting in 160 degree heat one minute and then jumping into -10 degree cold!

It's actually been practiced in northern Europe for along time with claims of better relaxation and improved health.

For advice on all sauna and spa experiences, Planning A Sauna is a great resource for creating these experiences in your own home.

The book offers advice on how to make the most of a home spa, sauna, or steam bath, with information on accessories, health benefits, and sauna safety guidelines.

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Platinum Steam Shower Unit With Acupuncture Massage Rainfall Ceiling Shower Handheld Showerhead

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Enjoy the pleasures of the Ariel Platinum Series steam shower in your own home These units are fully loaded steam shower enclosures with a built in steam generator water pump radio and much much more for your therapeutic experience.

Platinum Steam Shower Unit With Acupuncture Massage Rainfall Ceiling Shower

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