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Panels are insulated with a moisture barrier.  They also include a duckboard floor and a door.  You assemble the components into a free standing sauna.

These kits also include the equipment such as sauna heater and controls.

Precut Custom Sauna Kits

A precut custom kit (precut custom sauna) includes all the panels, floor, and door as the prefab kit.  However, these kits are designed and built to fit your unique space.  They are attached to frame walls rather than free standing units.

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Sauna Accessories

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Hidden supports can be used in saunas

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Remodeling Tips

A prefabricated sauna is sold as a sauna kit that you assemble yourself and create a free standing unit.

Saunas are built from smooth, clear grain woods such as cedar, fir, redwood, and white spruce.  If you're handy, build it from scratch.  See Sauna Plans.

Quicker and easier, is to purchase a prefabricated sauna or a precut custom sauna.

Prefabricated Kits

With a prefab kit or prefabricated sauna, the walls and ceiling are prebuilt panels finished on both sides.  

Finlandia Kits

Finlandia Sauna Kits sauna kits

Ice Sauna Benefits

Precut Sauna Finlandia 6x8 FPC68

Product Features

* Clear Western Red Cedar walls & ceiling

* Trim & base boards match

* Assembled benches - 2x2's

* Prehung glass door

* Finlandia sauna heater  

Finlandia Sauna Kit FPC68 Finlandia FPF78 Sauna Kit

Prebuilt Sauna 7x8 Finlandia FPF78

Price:    $5,348.00

Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks.

Product Features

* Prebuilt & insulated walls and ceiling

* Clear Western Red Cedar interior

* Duckboard flooring for walking

* Room size 84'' x 96'' x 84'

* Four benches

* FLB-80 heater included

Price:    $9,341.00

Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks.

ThermaSol TCCS44BIC  Custom Cut 4' x 4' Sauna Room with 3.0kW Sauna Heater

Finlandia Pre-Cut Sauna Kit FPC44-PCSS2

4 ft x 4 ft. Sauna Heater Included


FInlandia sauna kit FPC44

2 Person Sauna FIR FAR Infrared 6 Carbon Heaters Hemlock CD Player MP3 Aux New by Heat Wave

In Stock


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